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Alexis Eke

Instagram @alexis.eke


Clients include: Adidas, AGO, Bloomberg, Canada Goose, CBC, Nike Jordan, Union Station

A Toronto-based illustrator and designer who focuses on illustrating strong Black women in a “contemporary light” (Eke). She aims to expand their representation in design, creating space for audiences to self-reflect on their “relationship with God” (Ibid).



Facebook:   Photo by Sean Driscoll via Unsplash 


Anique is based in North York and mainly “influenced by Jamaican Art” (Anique’s Art). She addresses wellness, realism, and historical subjects in her work (Afro Biz).

On her website, she features colourful modern expressionist portraits, paintings, landscapes, sketches and abstract work that exude a Caribbean and African vibrancy. On Facebook, she shares a variety of oil paintings and upcoming events. 

Bushra Junaid

Instagram @rahbush7604 

Junaid is a Toronto-based arts administrator and artist from Montreal, raised in St-John’s, Newfoundland with Jamaican and Nigerian ancestry. She draws, paints, and does mixed media collage with a focus on “history, memory, identity and representation” namely African “arts, culture and histories” (ROM). 

She has exhibited work in community-based, artist-run, non-profit and commercial gallery spaces. At the St-John’s Eastern Edge Gallery, she “initiated and co-curated” alongside Pamela Edmonds, a “multidisciplinary group show New-Found-Lands: An Art Project Exploring Historical and Contemporary Connections Between Newfoundland and the Caribbean Diaspora” (Ibid).

Jacquie Comrie

Instagram @jacquiecomrie

Twitter: @jcomriearts

Tumblr: Jacquie Comrie Garrido



Comrie is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist creating vibrant contemporary art that intersects with wellness (Jacquie Comrie). She uses colour to create therapeutic spaces and as a medium to create “social impact” (Comrie and The Star). She was notably a part of the group of artists who painted Black Lives Matter in Kensington Market. 

She has worked on canvases, murals, and large scale structures and has been awarded and “showcased in Madrid, Panama City and New York City” (The Star). 

Comrie was also commissioned in 2019 to give TTC streetcars a makeover and Toronto locals can spot one of her murals at The Big Chill ice cream shop at 566 College Street! (Ibid).

Melissa Falconer 

Instagram @melissafalconer

Twitter: M.Falconer

YouTube: MelissaFalconer


A self-taught Black Toronto-based visual artist, Falconer creates “Black Pop Art […] based in pop […] and black culture” (Afro Biz). Falconer creates a “new source of art” and Black representation (Ibid). 

Apparel composed of face masks, shirts and sweaters with Black icons, as well prints of Black women, men, musicians, athletes and prints of empowering visuals and quotes can be viewed and purchased on Falconer’s web page!

If you’re Toronto based, consider donating to the Black Artists’ Network in Dialogue (BAND) and the Nia Centre for the Arts. Otherwise, find organizations that give back to the Black artistic community in your area!
Article with references to The Star, ROM, Widewalls, CBC, Afro Biz, and Alexis Eke