Is BLACKPINK over? HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

According to this blind item claim posted by user @celebriteablinds on TikTok, the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK is allegedly OVER.

BLACKPINK Members breakup

Image Credit: @celebriteablind TikTok


As noted in the TikTok video, this hasn’t been verified, but a new blind item is claiming that the BLACKPINK girl group as we know it is allegedly “done.” Supposedly, one or two members will be convinced to stay but the “original” core 4 members are reportedly over. The blind item does not specify which members are supposedly planning on staying or leaving.


The group was allegedly having issues signing renewal contracts over recent months and it was rumored that the group might be breaking up- however, nothing has been officially confirmed and this is all speculation right now.

The group allegedly remains signed to YG Entertainment as an entity but not for their solo endeavors, according to a recent press release outlined in the TikTok video.  Allegedly, the women will pursue solo opportunities outside of the agency. The group was allegedly in talks to plan a new album and world tour.


HOLR previously reported here back in 2023 that it was unclear how the original group was going to move forward with renewing their contracts following another blind item claim. It was alleged that Rosé was the only member who was rumored to be extending her contract at the time while it was still unclear what the others planned to do.

The original girl group is made up of members Jennie Kim, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support these alleged claims regarding the girl group breaking up, what do you think about the supposed rumors?

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