On Monday, Jan. 3, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo celebrated her 27th birthday by taking a trip down memory lane.

On Instagram, the star shared rare throwback photos from her childhood that had fans melting at all the cuteness. One picture showed her as a baby wearing a bib while sitting in a high chair, and another featured her as a young girl rocking pigtails along with a silver puffy jacket. BLINKs, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out Jisoo’s IG because her childhood pics are so adorable.

Photo Credit: GMA Network

Fans celebrated Jisoo’s 27th birthday by sending her sweet messages on social media along with the hashtags #OurPrideJISOOday, They tweeted things like “We love you so much” and “Thank you for always bringing us joy” to show how thankful they are for her.

Jisoo also received a lot of love from her fellow BLACKPINK members on her special day. “Happy Birthday to our Jisoo Eonni. I wish you the happiest birthday in the world. I love you,” Rosé wrote on IG, alongside a photo of the birthday girl enjoying a piece of cake. Jennie shared the same photo and tagged Jisoo in it. Meanwhile, Lisa posted a picture of her and Jisoo holding hands, along with the caption, “HBD @SOOYAAA__ I LOVE YOU,” which featured a heart and a smiley face emoji.

Photo Credit: Zoom Tv

“Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!” Jisoo wrote on her own IG. “Today feels extra special with all my Blinks ✨Love you guys🤍.” She then gave fans a special surprise by sharing two photos of herself as a child. “Here’s baby Jisoo,” she said.

Jisoo also received a special birthday message from Beyoncé, who is known for giving celebrities birthday shoutouts on her website. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JISOO,” the singer wrote alongside another childhood photo of Jisoo.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Jisoo recently made her acting debut with her role in the new K-drama Snowdrop, which premiered on Dec. 18. Fans are so proud of her for achieving such a huge milestone in her career, and they can’t wait to see what she does next in 2022.

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