Dr. Irving Scher, the biomechanical engineering expert from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Utah ski accident trial, was hired by Blake Lively to take a scientific approach in her most recent sparkling beverage commercial advertisement.

Blake Lively Enlists Engineer from Gwyneth Paltrow's Trial for Betty Buzz Ad

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Blake Lively uses an engineer from the Goop founder’s legal action over a 2016 skiing incident in a whimsical commercial for her sparkling beverage line.

“Is it true that Betty Buzz is the world’s bubbly sparkling beverage?” a voiceover asks at the beginning of the 40-second ad. “To find out we asked an expert witness.” Then Dr. Scher appears before a whiteboard with three stick figures each holding a different Betty Buzz beverage.

He drew an arrow to the stick figure’s smile and stated, “See, when you look at a person drinking Betty Buzz meyer lemon sodas, they have a smile on their face. And they think, ‘Wow so bubbly.”

Through his drawings, Dr. Scher keeps emphasizing how excellent the sparkling beverages are adding, “Another person drinks sparkling grapefruit buzz and says out loud, ‘Mmm! Betty Buzz tastes great. And of course, in both cases, the Betty buzz goes down into their stomachs here, which is consistent with the laws of physics and Newton’s laws.”

About Betty Buzz

Image Credit: Betty Buzz

The film then pans to a judge’s gavel and a glass of Betty Buzz, with the voice-over saying, “Case closed! Betty Buzz is probably scientifically the best sparkling beverage in the world.”

“I didn’t necessarily say that,” the doctor adds, to which the voice responds, “You did and you also said case closed. Thank you Dr. Scher!”

The advertisement comes a month after Dr. Scher caused controversy at Gwyneth’s ski trial when he too used stick figures to portray the collision between the founder of Goop and Terry Sanderson. Paltrow’s story “is consistent with the laws of physics,” he remarked to the jurors at the time.

Judge Kent Holmberg approved the use of Dr. Scher’s animation despite objections from the retired optometrist’s attorneys. Finally, on March 30, the jury exonerated Gwyneth and awarded her the $1 in damages she had asked for.

Check out the full commercial right here:

Lively is renowned for her witty Betty Buzz commercials. She most recently appeared in a Betty Buzz ad last week to celebrate National Gin & Tonic Day on April 9. The advertisement made mentioned her husband Ryan Reynolds while focusing on the “best duos,” such as the traditional cocktail.

Betty Buzz was introduced in September 2021. Brand has five flavours—tonic water, sparkling grapefruit, Meyer lemon club soda, sparkling lemon-lime, and ginger beer that can be bought online and at select retailers, like Whole Foods and Total Wine.

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