What I Know For Sure is Oprah Winfrey’s masterpiece about life and its lessons along the journey. An absolute must-read, this book is a turning point that instigates reflection and makes readers reassess their existences. Through Oprah’s life experiences, people relate to circumstances life presents us. Make sure to add this life-changing book to your reading list asap!

Oprah is a very celebrated and multifaceted woman with an admiring career and life story. Reporter, talk show host, journalist, tv producer, actress, editor, writer, businesswoman, psychologist, and philanthropist are just a few of her occupations. Winfrey has written a number of books along her life, and her book “What I Know For Sure” is particularly remarkable and filled with major life lessons. With every situation she experienced along her bumpy journey – which includes sexual abuse from relatives, early pregnancy and baby death, racism and sexism, among others -, Oprah acquired wisdom and her comprehension of the human nature totally shifted.

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The book begins with a remembrance of an interview Oprah attended with Gene Siskel in 1998. On the occasion, the film critic asked Winfrey a question that would change her life for good: “what do you know for sure?”. According to her, she had “asked and been asked an awful lot of questions over the years” but she states that at that moment “the man managed to stop me in my tracks”. About to freak out, the author realized that “a little moment of crystal clarity will bring me back to something… I absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt”. So, from then on, Oprah began to deeply reflect on that life-changing question, leading her to start writing about possible answers for it.

What I Know For Sure Book

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This homonymous book is a collection of the best stories Winfrey wrote during fourteen years for “O, The Oprah Magazine”, in her monthly column entitled “What I Know For Sure”. The author carefully selected, updated, and revised her favorite narratives to create this amazing book full of revelations, inspiration, and insights. In this masterpiece book, Oprah uses words beautifully, which makes it possible to easily connect with readers. The book is separated and organized into eight themed chapters: Joy, Resilience, Connection, Gratitude, Possibility, Awe, Clarity, and Power. In each of those sections, the author opens her heart and mind about intimate situations she faced in life and enlightens readers with powerful lessons she got from those experiences, as a guide to help them become their best selves.

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Oprah’s voice resonates profoundly as she grants readers with wonderful advice on self-acceptance, kindness, appreciation, generosity, real beauty, and the value of knowing their true worth. She is an extraordinary woman who lived a tough life but managed to turn it around beautifully, making her this lovely human being she is today. I can say that, personally, this book definitely changed me forever. It made me reevaluate my actions, opened my eyes to what really matters in life, it made me even more grateful for all the opportunities I have and eager to live them in the best way possible, appreciating the little things along the way and being much more self-confident.

“What I Know For Sure” is a brilliant, moving, candid, humorous, uplifting, beautiful, and exhilarating book about truth. It is a much-needed throwing of cold water that will shake readers’ minds. Reading this book is a unique experience and an opportunity for a remarkable restart of a new life. Don’t miss it out!

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