Why is the Boycott Target rap song trending? HOLR breaks down the latest news involving the Target controversy. 

A new rap song by Forgiato Blow addresses the recent Target controversy about the brand’s latest pride collection and collaboration with Abprallen. The song and video have gone viral online.

Boycott Target Song

Since its release, the Boycott Target song is allegedly now #2 in iTunes in the rap category. However, the rapper is supposedly “shadow-banned,” as mentioned in this video.

Boycott Target Rap

The rap song by Forgiato Blow has gone viral online and talks about Target’s recent controversies surrounding its pride collection. As previously mentioned here, Target’s latest pride collection sparked outrage among Conservatives in the country after the brand released “tuck-friendly” children’s clothes as well as pieces with slogans such as; “Girls Gays Theys,” and “Trans people will always exist!”

The brand also received backlash for partnering with designer Abprallen (AKA Erik C) to help create some of the brand’s pride collection pieces. People have since openly expressed concerns over the designer’s Satanic beliefs and how they allegedly translate into his designs.

Boycott Target Music Video

A TikTok video reposted by user @thetruthneverlies0 shows clips of the supposed viral Boycott Target rap song music video that’s taking the internet by storm, below.


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