Target is getting backlash for the brand’s latest pride collection. From “tuck-friendly” children’s clothes to a controversial collaboration, people are speaking out against the newest pride launch.

Target is getting a lot of backlash from Conservatives for its latest pride collection unveiling. HOLR is breaking it all down below.

Target Pride Clothes

One of Target’s pride messages this year was reportedly “Live Laugh Lesbian,” as mentioned here. During the brand’s newest pride collection unveiling, they were met with a lot of backlash. This talked-about collection comes after Adidas’ pride swimsuit controversy and follows transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s controversial Bud Light advertisement.

Target Pride Collection 2023 

According to this article, Target’s latest pride collection is sparking outrage amongst Conservatives. The brand recently released “tuck-friendly” children’s clothes as well as pieces with slogans such as; “Girls Gays Theys,” and “Trans people will always exist!”

The brand’s social media account is full of consumer comments stating that they are done shopping with the brand. Check it out below.

target comments

Image Credit: @target Instagram

Who is Abprallen?

As noted here, in a recent controversy, Target collaborated with designer Abprallen (AKA Erik C) to develop some of the brand’s pride collection for 2023. However, once the internet found out about the design collaboration, many people expressed concerns about the designer’s Satanic beliefs and how they allegedly translate into his designs.

Abprallen only designed a portion of the brand’s new pride collection, although consumers have expressed their dislike over the collab as noted in this article.


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