A real look into the functionality of the penal system works, what it does and how one sacrifices beliefs to survive in between the cinderblock walls and steel doors. Time is a gripping drama written by BAFTA winner Jimmy McGovern and stars Emmy awards winner Sean Bean known for his role in Game of Thrones. 

BritBox streaming service from BBC Studios, offers the biggest and best selection of British entertainment in North America, will exclusively premiere the new original co-production drama, Time.

This prison drama showcases its two main characters Mark, a school teacher who is doing 4 years for killing someone; which early in the first episode we learn it happened while reckless driving. The other is Eric a prison guard who is dedicated to running the prison and keeping the inmates in line while the prison itself is understaffed. 

Both characters immediately show that they aren’t outlined the way you expect a prisoner and an officer would act in a prison. Mark a former school teacher is just there to pay his dues, repent and try and forgive himself for the murder. Eric is there to keep the prisoners in line, safe, and not harm them more than they could or would harm themselves. 

The drama comes as a refreshing pallet that cleanses us from what we have seen in other or past prison dramas.  The way McGovern wrote this series was to give a detailed insight as to what it is really like on the inside. In the opening scene, we get to see Mark being transported to the prison; other inmates are rattled up and angry as you’d expect, but Mark is nervous, scared and doesn’t know how to handle everything. 


Being processed into the prison is where the details come in. Mark is asked what religion he follows, under his breath he says “I really don’t believe in God” so the officer puts Anglican down for him, labelling Mark as a follower of the church, which allows viewers to believe that your time on the inside is justified or affected by which religion you believe in. 

Another question Mark was asked is if he is suicidal or depressed. As this might seem like a natural question to ask, it may be another question that affects your position, or time in the prison. All these questions and insights into the doings of prison make you wonder what is happening while everyone is locked up, and what goes on that shouldn’t be.

The BritBox drama is coming to North America on August 17th and can be yours to watch through BritBox streaming. BritBox has all the best of British television ready to stream anytime for $8.99/month and you can try it for free on Roku®, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV 4th Gen, Samsung, LG and all iOS and Android devices, Chromecast.


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