Why did Britney Spears deactivate her Instagram account?

Britney Spears Instagram Deleted 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @allynaston, Spears has allegedly deactivated her Instagram again recently following a rather “creepy” post.


Britney Spears has once again deactivated her Instagram account after a Someone alarming post from yesterday. Its giving… blackbox. bbritneybbritneyspearsjjusticeforbritneytthewomaninmeccelebrityppopbbritneyarmybbritneyarmybarracksppopppopcultureppopculturenewsjjustintimberlakebbritneyspearsfanccelebritycelebritynews

♬ Every Breath You Take – The Police

Britney Spears Instagram Video

As noted in the TikTok video, Spears reportedly deactivated her Instagram social media account this past Friday after posting a “weird and creepy” post. Her last post before the account was deactivated was allegedly a video of New York City supposedly asking “What’s behind the lens?” and “Who’s listening?”

Britney Spears Father

The song that was used was “Every Breath You Take” which is a song by The Police. The song is “basically about stalking someone,” claims the TikToker. This is an interesting choice of song because Spears was supposedly illegally surveilled by a company called Black Box during her conservatorship, as the TikToker mentions. This is all reportedly part of the lawsuit that she allegedly has actively going on right now with her father.

Before Spears reportedly deactivated her page, she allegedly deleted this “creepy” video post.

Cassie and Diddy Lawsuit

Does this have anything to do with Cassie’s recent lawsuit against Diddy? Diddy did a version of the song “Every Breath You Take” when Biggie passed away so the timing of Spears using this song is definitely interesting considering Cassie and Diddy just settled the lawsuit as HOLR previously reported here.

However, Spears playing this song in relation to the Cassie and Diddy lawsuit has not been verified.

Reasons why Spears’ Instagram was reportedly deleted have not yet been confirmed but what do you think about this alleged news involving Spears? 

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