What is Brittany Cartwright’s ‘Breaking Point’ with Jax Taylor Revealed!

Brittany Cartwright‘s recent interview with Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ shed light on the tumultuous moments that led to her separation from Jax Taylor, her husband of almost five years (also noted here). The couple, known for their appearances on ‘Vanderpump Rules‘ and its spin-off ‘The Valley,’ announced their split in February.

Cartwright recounted a pivotal argument that served as her “breaking point,” describing it as a “horrible fight” that made her realize the depth of their relationship issues. (here)

The narrative, as told by Cartwright, revolves around a specific incident where Taylor became upset about her spending time with their mutual friend Kristen Doute. This disagreement, fueled by miscommunication and unresolved tensions, escalated into a significant confrontation that exposed the underlying problems in their marriage.

Cartwright expressed how the fight acted as a catalyst, causing her to reassess their relationship dynamics and eventually opt for separation.

The interview also addressed speculations regarding infidelity, with Cartwright clarifying that she is not aware of any cheating on Taylor’s part. She emphasized that she and her co-star Janet Caperna thoroughly investigated these rumors and are confident that no such infidelity occurred.

Additionally, Cartwright candidly shared insights into their diminishing intimacy, noting that their sex life had waned even before the birth of their son Cruz. (here)

Despite the challenges they face, Cartwright acknowledged Taylor’s positive role as a father and their efforts to co-parent effectively. She spoke positively about his parenting skills and mentioned their joint efforts in raising Cruz. Cartwright hinted at the possibility of couples therapy in the future but emphasized that it has not yet been pursued.

While Cartwright expressed love for Taylor and hopes for reconciliation, she also acknowledged the complexities of their situation. The interview conveyed a mix of emotions, from affection and admiration for Taylor’s qualities as a father to the acknowledgment of the difficulties they continue to navigate post-separation.

Cartwright’s journey of self-discovery within the context of her marital challenges, highlights key quotes that capture her introspection and the evolving dynamics of her relationship with Taylor.

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