Is Andy Cohen leaving Watch What Happens Live? HOLR breaks down an alleged blind item claim.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @celebriteablinds_, a new blind item claims that the end of Watch What Happens Live could be near- allegedly.

Andy Cohen Shows

The video claims that a late-night talk show host- allegedly Andy Cohen- is discussing a 30-city tour for later this year. However, it is alleged that he couldn’t do this plus his talk show so rumor has it that Cohen may exit the show, Watch What Happens Live. 

Now, this is all alleged so it is unclear if this is actually the case or not. As the TikToker notes, Cohen has been the face of Bravo for years. Allegedly, the show has been rumored to be canceled due to low ratings although this is alleged news that has not been confirmed.

What are your thoughts on this blind item claim- do you think it could be true?

Published by HOLR Magazine.

Image Credit: @celebriteablinds_ TikTok