If you’re looking for an elegant timepiece to add to your collection, look no further. BU By Blaqdoor is the latest rising brand on the radar that you need to know about. 


About Blaqdoor:

Stee J Barnett is the London born Chief Designer of By Blaqdoor, launched in 2018 at the age of 29. Having moved from the United Kingdom in 2012, he began his career in advertising working with brands such as L’oreal and Victoria’s Secret.

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Time To Get Dressed. BU

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“Giving brands a personality and a point of view is where I really found a passion for the way brands are able to tell a story through their designs,” quoted Barnett. “I am inspired by eye catching design, so when working I like to ask ludicrous questions such as, “What colour represents Thursday? What taste represents purple?”

When he began this venture, he wanted practicality to be secondary. Barnett simply wanted to create something beautiful and approach design in an unconventional way.

“BU is the very first of many designs to come from by Blaqdoor, and although I’m from London, I am proud to put the Toronto name behind this brand as it represents its people — inclusive and beautiful. Which is why we say by blaqdoor is Reserved For the Beautiful,” stated Barnett.


By Blaqdoor began with 3 questions; Could a timepiece be more than just a piece of jewelry? could a timepiece be more than just a fashion accessory? Or could it be both?

In 2019, we all have the time on our fitness trackers, smartphones, laptops, and car dashboards — so there’s no real reason for anybody to wear a traditional timepiece in this day and age.

So the idea wasn’t to reinvent the wheel, but to make it turn at a different angle by reimagining what else a traditional timepiece could be — as opposed to something that is worn around the cuff. We imagined it to be something that could dress the cuff and facilitate in completing an outfit-like the way the perfect pair of shoes can make the dress, or the perfect tie can make the suit.

This has been designed to be deliberately delicate, but be purposefully elegant — not designed for everyday. This is not a timepiece you can wear to go to the gym, nor is it a timepiece you can wear to work everyday. This is a timepiece that has been designed to be worn whilst holding a glass of champagne. This is why the cuff wrap is exaggerated in length, using an ethical high grade Japanese satin that not only absorbs light, but reflects it back in a soft and delicate hue. Blaqdoor calls this the fabric of time, reserved for the beautiful.


Photos provided by BU By Blaqdoor:


For more on Blaqdoor, visit the website at www.byblaqdoor.com or follow them on instagram at @byblaqdoor