The bad boy superstar is dabbling into Fashion and he isn’t starting small. Zayn Malik, former boy band member and current boyfriend to supermodel GiGi Hadid, will be collaborating with Versus x Versace for a capsule collaboration that will be available to the public in May 2017.

Donatella Versace says she met the pop star through Gigi3zayn Hadid and was immediately intrigued by his bad boy demeanour and love for fashion. The famous designer expresses her thoughts about Zayn as an asset to the Versace brand. “I wanted Zayn because he can help me talk to his followers. I want to listen to their language. I want to learn more about them, what they think and what they like. They are a new generation that without working with someone like Zayn, I will never reach.” – New York Times.


The line will debut at!

Zayn will also be apart of many Versace 2017 campaigns – what a great year it will be!



Written by: Julia Shelton