Buying furniture and essential supplies for a restaurant can be difficult and expensive. There are always more overhead costs than one plans for, which can make things difficult in the long run if they’re not caught early enough and adjusted. In order to get the most for your restaurant without it costing an arm and a leg, check out these helpful budgeting tips.

Restaurant Space: 

The actual restaurant space is without a doubt, the largest expense restaurant owners have to worry about. Majority of the time, the space is rented, so it’s a monthly cost that needs to be accounted for. On top of that, other utilities such as water, gas, and electricity are an additional cost. These can be quite expensive, especially if the space is larger. 

Tips: There are a couple of ways to keep costs down. One of them is to rent a cheaper space. While this could limit your seating capacity, it’s better to start small and then give yourself a chance to expand. Renting a smaller space is also advantageous when it comes to utility costs. With less space, you will use less gas, water, and electricity. 


Many times when restaurants are getting started, the owners bite off more than they can chew by purchasing too nice of dinnerware and other equipment. Of course, it’s always nice to eat off of nice plates with high-quality silverware, but it’s not always nice for your wallet. 

Tips: The best way to avoid spending a lot of money on dinnerware is to go shop in person. Even though when you’re shopping online, you can’t really get a good idea of how heavy the items are and it’s more of a tangible way to determine how much you’re actually spending. It also helps to write out an exact list of what you‘re buying. This will help you stay on track and help curve the temptation of buying additional items that will make you go over your budget. 


Just like with dinnerware, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting a restaurant started. Furniture can be very expensive, so it’s especially important to stick to your budget when looking. There are several factors to think of when buying furniture, like the material and the size. The material, however, determines most of the furniture’s cost. 

Tips: Out of the other categories, staying within your furniture budget is probably the easiest; that is if you know how to do so. The first way to filter through your options is by first choosing your furniture material. There are great options that you can choose from and stay well within your budget. After finding the material you want, another good way is to check how replaceable the items are. Restaurant furniture gets a lot of wear-and-tear, so having pieces or parts of furniture that are easy to replace is a great investment. One part that is particularly good to have replacement options for are table tops. Table tops for restaurants get damaged quite often and easily, so being able to simply replace the top and not the whole table would help save a lot of money.