What’s happening at Burning Man festival 2023? HOLR is breaking down the latest news.

Breaking news surrounding Burning Man 2023 as it has now been declared a national emergency.

Burning Man 2023 Rain

According to this TikTok video posted by user @allynaston, Burning Man Festival 2023 has reportedly now been declared a national emergency by the US government.


Did you hear that the burning man 2023 festival is now a national emergency as thousands and thousands of people are being told to shelter in place due to unprecedented rain? #burningman #burningman2023 #fyrefestival #festival #nationalemergency #emergency #rain #mud #desert #musicfestival #popculture #popculturenews #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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Burning Man Live Cam 2023

As mentioned in the video, over 73,000 campers are now stranded and sheltering in place in their campsites at the event. The TikToker claims that the footage seen on the site looks “miserable” as a result of a slow-moving rainstorm that turned the campgrounds extremely muddy, as noted here.

This TikTok video posted by user @shoddylynn is going viral online for showcasing what festival-goers have had to endure:


The playa isnt really providing this time… #burningman2023

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Burning Man Weather Forecast

There is supposedly an announcement going around telling people to remain where they are. They are also being told to secure structures and belongings in their camps and not operate any generators or electrically-powered instruments that are standing in water. Burning Man attendees are also being told to secure anything electrical and to check on campmates, helping them as needed.

All in all, attendees are being told to hunker down. Festival goers are also being told to conserve food and water as there is no access in or out of Burning Man since they are being confined to their camps and are unable to leave the event at the moment, noted here. Sources are not sure how long these closures will last and cell service is “virtually non-existent” according to the TikToker. However, since we are receiving photo and video evidence of the unfolding situation, it seems as though some have found service and sharing their stories.

To make matters worse, cleaning service to the porta potties has also been allegedly halted. It’s safe to say, with the dropping temperatures, people are likely cold, hungry, and not inclined to use the facilities at this time, as noted by the TikToker.

What Happened at Burning Man 2023?

Despite the flooding and muddy conditions people were still able to leave by foot on Saturday September 2nd where shuttles organized by the festival awaited them to take them to Gurlach where they could call a car service or taxi. Meanwhile others had their car service pick them up from the side of the road at the “12 mile entry point” but there was talk of taxis being blocked off from coming down the road that far as of tomorrow so people may have to take the shuttle if they walk out. Once the ground dried up a bit, there were also some RVs and four wheel drive cars leaving too. It is unclear if the conditions will permit vehicles to leave tomorrow as the forecast calls for rain again.

Can anyone go to Burning Man?

Channing Tatum, Zoë Kravitz, Kaia Gerber, and Austin Butler, are reportedly among some of the notable attendees at this year’s festivities.

What do you think of the events unfolding at this year’s Burning Man?

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