A death has allegedly been uncovered at Burning Man festival 2023. HOLR breaks down the latest news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @c4news, police are investigating an alleged death that occurred during the rain storm that left thousands stranded at Burning Man 2023.


Thousands of people are stranded at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert – and a person has died – after a rainstorm hit the festival. #BurningMan #burningman2023

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How many at Burning Man 2023?

It was initially reported that approximately 73,000 campers were left stranded at this year’s Burning Man festival after rain and heavy flooding turned the campgrounds muddy.

As noted in the TikTok video above, it is now being alleged that someone died during the rain storm. However, no further details have been given at this time regarding who or what happened for this reported death to have occurred. As mentioned in this article, although the death reportedly occurred during the festival event, police are not revealing the alleged cause of death or identifying the person involved. As the TikToker mentions above, the roads surrounding this year’s festival are closed due to the storm, making it difficult to get in or out of the grounds at the moment.

What celebrities are at Burning Man 2023?

Allegedly, those trapped may have to wait several days before the ground dries up and they are able to leave, as noted in the above TikTok video. In fact, comedian Chris Rock, who reportedly attended, claimed that he walked “5 miles in the desert” before “hitchhiking” with fans, the TikToker mentions.

As HOLR previously reported, another TikToker (@allynaston) reported that festival goers were told to conserve their food, water, and now fuel, as they wait to leave.

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