A teen boy jumped off a boat in the Bahamas and hasn’t been located. HOLR breaks down the heartbreaking story.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @hebewiththenews, authorities from two countries are attempting to locate a young American teen after he jumped overboard from a boat in the Bahamas recently.


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Cameron Robbins Missing Bahamas 

The boy’s name is Cameron Robbins, a baseball player from Louisiana. It is alleged that the boy jumped off of the party boat and was seen swimming in dark waters in a Snapchat video. According to an employee at “Blackbeard’s Revenge,” a local party boat, said it is unclear why the boy got into the water and how he went missing.  There is a huge search currently underway to locate Robbins as it has been days since his disappearance.

People took to the comment section of the above TikTok video to discuss how Robbins potentially disappeared. Some allege he was dared to jump off the boat by friends. Others think the waters had sharks in them and that’s how Robbins went missing. Robbins may have allegedly been drinking but this has not been confirmed.

There is a video circulating online that supposedly shows Robbins jumping off of the boat and someone yelling “Bye Bye.” HOLR will not be embedding the video here as it can be triggering to some viewers.

Cameron Robbins Cruise Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss Robbin’s disappearance in this trending thread.

“Drinking + swimming + darkness + potentially sharks + potentially currents is not a good mix. I hope they find him,” said one user.

“I’d imagine this is the waking nightmare of a lot of people. Just haunting in every way. It also sounds like a lot of people on the boat knew the seriousness of the situation, drunk or not. This poor kid probably didn’t last ten minutes. And yes, I say poor kid knowing full well this was an obviously horrible decision that he made on his own,” stated another user.

“He seems to go under right before the video cuts off and a girl screams, “the current, the current.” I hope whatever happened to him was quick and he didn’t suffer alone in the dark for very long. His poor family,” stated another, referring to the circulating video of Robbins in the water.

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