Fruits and Passions has created an incredible line called Aura, perfect for every home. 


I tried out the coconut leaves perfumed candle as well as the vanilla and baltic amber perfumed candle.  The packaging is simple and modern yet classic, with its white collar, and goes beautifully in any room.  The coconut leaves scent was a gentle tropical and fruity smell that is reminiscent of a beach or rainforest.   The Vanilla and baltic amber has a subtle sweet and warm scent that is extremely inviting and relaxing.  Both candles had mild scents making them not feel overwhelming and making them perfect to burn in any scenario.  The candles are all handmade with plant – based wax, and not tested on animals.  The vase is recyclable and reusable and the candle has a 38 hour burn time.  Overall the candles subtle scent makes them perfect for any time and easy to burn around anyone.  The candles cost just $15.50 for 220 g.

Aura Candles, Fruits & Passion

The Aura range has candles, soaps, room sprays, hand cream, diffuser fragrance for electric diffusers as well as decorative diffusers and refills.  The line has come out with a holiday collection which includes both individual items and sets in fantastic winter fragrances such as winter berries, warm honey, snowy forest, boreal fir and frosted birch.  Aura’s classic line includes fragrances in Tulip, Cactus and DragonFruit, Jasmine and Rose Water, Coconut Leaves and Vanilla and Baltic Amber.

Aura Candles, Fruits & Passion


These candles were amazing quality as expected from Fruits and Passion products and were a fresh take and welcome addition to my candle collection.  I am looking forward to continuing to use them as well as trying out the amazing holiday scents which will make an amazing gift, or treat for yourself during the holiday season.


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