With increased travel requirements for jobs, an aging and ever-increasing population, and cars of all kinds becoming more affordable, it’s no wonder that there are more drivers than ever out on the road. Unfortunately, this also means that car accidents have become increasingly more common. Whether you or someone else is at fault, you must understand how to properly deal with them. This can mean many different things, but preventative measures are always best when trying to avoid any unwanted accident or other negative incidents while driving. Read on for some of the most effective tips to deal with car accidents.

Never Drive Impaired

Whether you’ve already been in an accident or not, a cardinal rule of driving is to never drive impaired. Though this is codified in law in almost every country, it’s important to realize that many things can act as impairments on the road. Substances such as drugs and alcohol are primary culprits for impairing a driver’s awareness and reaction time, but there are many other known sources. Doing things such as driving while sleep-deprived, gaming or texting while driving, eating, or applying makeup while behind the wheel will negatively impact your ability to operate your vehicle. You must avoid driving while impaired at all costs, as this can affect now only your safety, but also the safety of all other drivers on the road.

Always Drive With Someone You Trust

As a rule, if you are not the person operating the vehicle you are traveling in, you should ensure that whoever is driving the vehicle is someone you trust. This means that whoever is behind the wheel should have a proper license and all of the necessary insurance documents. In the case of ride-hailing, things can get slightly more challenging. Without personal knowledge of a driver, people are putting their trust in a company name or individual driver rating. On the West coast, rideshare apps have become more popular than ever before, and with them the rate of car accidents. Luckily, Vancouver ride-hailing car accident lawyers specialize in dealing with the aftermath of accidents that take place within rideshare vehicles. Equipped to deal with the complex nature of the contractor-company relationship, these services can be used if a routine ride takes an unexpected turn.

Learn Defensive Driving

Regardless of if you are a frequent or infrequent driver, learning how to confidently practice defensive driving is an invaluable skill. With more people on the road, the potential for accidents increases greatly. To combat this, it is essential that you have a mastery of driving defensively. In short, you should be able to react immediately and safely to any threats or hazards that might crop up. Learning and incorporating this skill set is crucial to ensure your own safety in the event that someone around you is headed for an accident or collision. It can also prevent you from experiencing an accident of your own as a result of someone else’s driving.

Avoid Risky Situations

As the number of road accidents skyrockets, the best thing you can do as a driver is to avoid risky situations entirely. This can mean avoiding high-traffic areas or dangerous intersections altogether. If you don’t need to be driving in rush hour traffic, try to run your errands at quieter times or in less populated areas. If it’s highway driving you’re concerned about, consider taking alternative roadways or routes. The key here is to avoid risky situations entirely. Put yourself in a pedestrian mindset: if certain areas of your city don’t have proper sidewalks or get crowded with drunk party-goers on a Saturday night, try to keep that in mind when planning transportation. The less risky situations you find yourself in, the less likely you will end up directly in or adjacent to a car accident. 


Driving a car is fun, and in many cases necessary, a way to get around. From driving as a profession to driving to facilitate your day-to-day activities, owning a car can be convenient and help you with transportation and time management. Despite its many benefits, driving also relies on the successful culmination of multiple factors to maintain a safe method or transit. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to deal with the growing reality of car accidents. From keeping a clear and unaltered mind to learning proactive driving techniques, there is no reason why you should be afraid to get behind the wheel anytime soon.