Carnival Sunshine Cruise encountered rough weather which included rough winds and high seas. Passengers recounted the terrifying ordeal on board the ship.

This past Saturday, May 27, the Carnival Sunshine cruise was returning to Charleston, South Carolina when it encountered rough winds and high seas, rocking the ship and passengers on board.

carnival sunshine storm

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Carnival Sunshine Crusie Ship

During the ship’s route back to South Carolina, it was caught in the middle of a strong storm that resulted in damaged merchandise, leaking ceilings, flooded hallways, and more, as detailed here. The storm was a supposed “nightmare” for passengers, those of which filmed the ordeal and posted their experiences on TikTok.

Allegedly, “several announcements about the weather and the delay it caused in returning to Charleston, asking guests to use extra precaution while walking around the ship” according to a statement put out by Carnival. The statement also stated that “some of the worst weather occurred in the overnight hours when announcements are not typically made, but guests and crew were safe.” The ship made its way back to port once the weather cleared.

Luckily no one was seriously injured during the storm although a small number of guests and crew were aided with assistance following the storm by the cruise’s medical staff.

Carnival Sunshine Storm

TikTokers took to their platforms to share first-hand accounts of the storm at sea and their experiences on the ship. Check out some of the videos below:

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