Just shy of 100 episodes, Sarah Jessica Parker brought the character and IT girl Carrie Bradshaw to life with hundreds of iconic outfits that shaped 90’s fashion. It may be hard to tell you what Ms Bradshaw’s best outfits are, considering 90’s fashion wasn’t always the best decade for the industry; but during ​Sex and the City​, Carrie Bradshaw made sure that whatever she wore, she wore it well. With Manolo Blahnik’s on her feet, a cosmo in one hand and a Marlboro light in the other, Carrie ruled New York City and all of its streets.

The Tutu

The opening credits are one of TV’s most iconic, the song, the bus ad: “Carrie Bradshaw knows good sex”, and of course the cute pink top with white tutu. A look that is either for babies or ballerina’s, yet Carrie’s someone who pulls it off from 1998-2004.

The ​Bejeweled​ Underwear

Carrie, a famous New Yorker gets asked to be a runway model during fashion week. The big deal is, Carrie is given a bejeweled underwear to strut down the runway, as she pulls off the looks, she sure doesn’t stick the landing.

The Crop Top

Ms Bradshaw was always known to pull off a crop top here and there, and who wouldn’t when you have a body like that. Her best look was a black low V crop top, with black pleated skirt, and of course a chunky Tiffany padlock necklace to tie the ‘grunge’ look together.

The Metallica Shirt

A day off in the life of Carrie Bradshaw looks effortless and fabulous. This ‘I need to get my column written’ look is also very grunge and very 90’s. Her plaid pants and Metallica band t-shirt with a messy bun screams “I’m gonna get my shit done”.

The $80,000 Dress

You would expect me to say this is her wedding dress, it’s not. In Paris, Carrie wears an Atelier Versace made gown so extravagant it screams Bradshaw. It also screams Carrie, as she fell asleep in it.

The Faux Fur Coat

Carrie is seen wearing her ‘iconic’ faux fur coat throughout the series, from shopping trips to baseball games, but her best ensemble on New Years Eve, paired with pj’s, a pearl necklace and sparkly hat to match the theme.

The Moving Out Day(s)

4 friends, 3 days, a few bottles of champagne, and a fashion show like no other. From all the best and worst looks to come from that apartment closet, the two tone flared jeans Carrie wears is the best part.

The Plaid Skirt

Carrie’s blue plaid skirt is very school girl especially with the high pony and black scrunchy. It is very sexy, very Carrie, and very 90’s.

The Westwood

Carrie’s first wedding dress may not be everyone’s dream choice, but the two tone silk, the peacock headpiece and a good whack of the bouquet, is the only dress I’d imagine Carrie wearing.

The Best Man

The boutonniere may say Preston, but the hat says Bradshaw. The only way to make a best man outshine the broom at any wedding is to wear a lace crown, and of course only Ms Bradshaw would have the honour to do that.