Many clothes can have many labels on them that exclude many people and genders from buying and wanting to wear certain items that they either find interesting or exciting.

For decades clothes have been split between the categories of ‘men’ and ‘women’ and now, the brand Smash + Tess has teamed up with Raia ‘Coach’ Carey and has created a gender-neutral romper, an inclusive piece for everyone. 

Smash + Tess is a Vancouver-designed, American made and globally inspired slow fashion brand. The founders a mother-daughter trio created the brand with the dedication to “everywear.” Everywear is the brand’s identity, allowing you to pick and choose some of your favourite items that can take you from the sheets to the streets and much more. This industry disruptive brand has a cult following of everyday women, celebrities and influencers. 

Smash + Tess has teamed up with motivational speaker and life coach Raia “Coach” Carey. Coach Carey is someone who encourages others to tap into the confidence they never knew they has, by showing their own vulnerability they help others foster a welcoming and safe environment. Coach helps equip people with the tangible tools to implement into their everyday life and steer them towards self-awareness, resilience and success. Having Coach Carey team up with Smash + Tess is a great foundation for representing this inclusive romper for all. 

One for All Romper is a great way to advocate clothing that has no labels or constructs. This romper made by Smash + Tess is perfect for any body type, age, gender- no matter how you identify. This collaboration is an expression of who we are and not how we are labelled, “what we wear is a freedom of expression, and everyone deserves to choose a Romper they feel amazing in!” 

One for All Romper $140:

The romper is the perfect blend between cozy staying inside all-day outfits and can be functional for your day out of the house running errands. The fabric is soft which makes it cozy but also makes you feel comfortable and confident. It is a sustainable romper made of rayon, from bamboo and cotton. This romper is functional with front pockets, a front zipper, and of course a drawstring hoodie. The best part, this inclusive romper comes in 3XS-4XL a fit for everyone.

Launching on January 14th, you can purchase this romper for you, your family and friends, and the best part is Smash + Tess is celebrating this launch all month long with the option to donate at check out to Marsha P. Johnson Foundation or Pride Toronto.  

Article published by HOLR Magazine 

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