Everything you need to know about Second Hand Social’s debut event on Sunday, April 3rd at Parlour.

Calling all Torontonians- Second Hand Social’s debut event is being held this April 3rd at Parlour, and we’re dishing all the details about what you can expect and why you need to go!Second Hand SocialWhat is Second Hand Social?

Second Hand Social is a community that was created to sell and trade fashion items from people’s closets that are either gently used or still have the tags on to promote notions of sustainability. As a result, Second Hand Social’s mission is to; slow down textile waste, allow others to purchase hand-picked items at a lower cost, encourage closet decluttering, and support donations being made to select charities.

Second Hand SocialWhat Can You Expect at Second Hand Social’s Debut Event on April 3rd?

This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss! 

On April 3rd, attendees can enjoy a wholesome Sunday afternoon at the event’s gorgeous venue, as well as an unforgettable shopping experience. There will also be amazing music provided by some of the best local DJs! Those who visit will instantly gain a sense of community and can shop quality items that are in excellent condition (freshly washed/dry cleaned) at incredible prices. 

All About the Founder

We also chatted with Second Hand Social’s founder, Manolya Ardic, to learn all about her journey and how Second Hand Social came to be.

Manolya: As a stylist, one of the key goals to create Second Hand Social is to curate stylish items in excellent conditions, to make this a very unique experience of second-hand shopping. And most importantly, to make sure that pricing is fair. 

As someone who loves second-hand shopping, I have witnessed unfair pricing for items in terrible conditions, which is a key reason why this event will be different. Here, you will find amazing items curated by vendors with various sizes and styles, washed/ironed/dry cleaned before the event – for prices that won’t make you think twice – while sipping on a glass of wine & listening to some of the best local DJs in Toronto. I promise this will be an unforgettable shopping experience.

Be sure to check out Second Hand Social’s event at Parlour this Sunday, April 3rd. You can also follow the event on Instagram @secondhandsocialto for more information.

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