The late actor Carrie Fisher was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 4, also known as Star Wars Day. The accolade would have meant a lot to her mother, said her daughter Billie Lourd, who was present.

Billie Lourd, daughter of the late actress Carrie Fisher, at a ceremony honouring her mother with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.


“I’d like to say thank you so much to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for this incredible honour. I know my mom would just be so excited and grateful,” Fisher’s daughter remarked during the delivery of her speech. “The Force is obviously always with you,”  she added.

The actress admitted that when she was younger, she found her mother to be “a lot embarrassing” and that Fisher tried to change her mind by introducing her to the “cool movie she was in, ‘Star Wars.'” She would just “roll my eyes and yell, ‘It’s too loud, Mommy!” Lourd recalls.

When she was in middle school, she acknowledged that she ultimately gave in and viewed the video because males were approaching her and told her they “fantasized” about her mother. She understood what all the hoopla was about after watching the film at last.

She continued, “I wanted to hate it, so I could tell her how lame she was. Like any kid, I didn’t want my mom to be hot or cool. She was my mom. But that day, staring at the screen, I realized no one is or will ever be as hot or as cool as Princess Leia.”

Carrie Fisher’s Death Cause

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After experiencing a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles, Fisher passed away on December 27, 2016. The following day, her mother, legendary actress and stage performer Reynolds, passed unexpectedly from a brain haemorrhage brought on by a stroke. She was sixty.

Carrie Fisher’s Career

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Carrie Fisher, a singer and the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, made her acting debut in 1975’s Shampoo, playing alongside Warren Beatty.She also made appearances in The Blues Brothers, When Harry Met Sally, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Family Guy, an adult animated sitcom in which she played the voice of Peter Griffin’s boss Angela.

Her continuing reputation, however, is a result of her portrayal of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, which she returned to in the sequel The Force Awakens released last year.

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