Black history month celebrates the accomplishments of black individuals, it elevates past traumas and teaches younger generations the truth about who they are and who they can be. Black history month was created to empower black Americans, though now is celebrated by the entire world. Pain is a narrative told all too often when it comes to talking about the history of black people, from slavery to poverty, to violence and hatred against the community from the outside and sadly from within the community too. However, this narrative is being changed, and we have decided to take back the power that was once stolen. 

There are countless amazing black history makers such as of course Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, and many many more. However, it is so important that we focus on the people creating history right before our eyes. The idea that there are still things black people have yet to do just shows the unequal gap caused by past history and how it is still in effect today. 2020 saw a number of firsts for the African American community starting off with Jamie Foxx who made Pixar history as the first black lead in the hit animation Soul. Charles Q Brown Jr was the first African American appointed as military chief of staff and to lead any branch of the US Armed forces, and of course, Kamala Harris was the very first African American vice president to be elected. 

These amazing history-changing black people deserve to be celebrated every month not just during black history month and that is why it is imperative to support the black community as much as possible. Whether it be to support black local businesses, artists, musicians, athletes, actors, and the works. All black lives matter, which means black livelihoods matter and creating opportunities and supporting black work helps establish that sentiment.

Celebrate black joy, black art, black love and why do we say this? because these things previously were condemned, not allowed, and looked down upon, not anymore. Black is beautiful and every ounce of melanin deserves to be appreciated and celebrated. The fight against inequality is ongoing, but the war will be won if not today but someday.