While we may still be in the pandemic’s full swing, we can look forward to traveling to cheap beautiful destinations in the coming years!

Article inspired by Sky Scanner 


Experience local tours, eat in NGO-run restaurants, and stay in boutique hotels or small hostels!

Siem Reap has affordable boutique hotels and at Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant, your money is reinvested in the local community – the hotel is a training school where the staff comprises students from underserved communities that have free tuition and training to work in the hospitality industry.

There are also lovely animal sanctuaries to volunteer at, and of course, the sun rising behind the Ankor Wat temple is a must-see!    


Transportation, accommodations, and food are super affordable for Canadians on a budget! A bowl of pho is $3 CAD and a glass of Bia Hoi beer $0.60 CAD!

The former French Indochina headquarters, Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi offers lovely French flavours!

In Hanoi’s Old Quarter, locals practice Tai Chi every morning!

Have a taste of Vietnamese rural life in Da Lat in the central highlands. 

Visit local tofu factories, rice terraces, flower farms, and cashew nut plantations. Then, head southwards to Ho Chi Minh City


As the world’s seventh-largest country, plan which of the 29 states you’ll visit! 

Head west to Rajasthan to experience Pink City, Jaipur. Or explore Goa and study yoga or make the most of Kerala’s beach in southern India. If you’re staying up north, check out the Taj Mahal in Agra, otherwise known as “the world’s most famous tomb”.  

Wander New Delhi to have a taste of some of India’s best street food especially in the centre-town around Connaught Place.


A beautiful landlocked South American country!

In the administrative capital, La Paz, wander down Calle Jaén. The street has various well preserved colonial buildings. 

There are also a handful of museums including Pedro Domingo Murillo’s ex-home.

Get a Paceña beer bottle or a bowl of chairo for $3 CAD each!

If you’re looking for somewhere warmer, journey to Oruro in the heart of the altiplano. The city’s famous for its yearly February/March Carnival honouring the Virgin of Candelaria.

 3 hours of bussing will lead you to a UNESCO protected demonstration of Indigenous Bolivian religion and culture with a traditional parade and 48 + folk dance performances.      



A lovely country in the Caucasus!

In Tbilisi, get a small single room for under $20/night and a khachapuri breakfast for less than a $1 CAD. Less than $10 CAD will pay for your sit-down meal with some local Georgian wine.

Navigate Georgia by marshrutka from the soviet era. Driving three hours to Kazbegi, a mountain resort destination will cost you under $10 CAD!

Stay in Kazbegi, and shop at a boutique hotel or stay in a homestay or a local guesthouse.

Admire the views of the Caucasus mountains and/or hike!

Head west to Batumi for a beach getaway and book a double room by the water for less than $50 CAD or a $10 CAD hostel room.