It’s a fresh start, a new beginning, and of course a #20Perfect. My name is Kgotso Hope Lekau from Cape Town, South Africa; I carry many hats, a jack of all trades you will find out as we journey along, for now, let’s indulge…

With a ‘unique’ year that we all experienced this 2020, with funny laws, fake news, and #stayHome mandate surely an escape sounds sweet. Friends, Get up and check-in and vibe along in Cape Town, we know or well you should know that Cape Town is named ‘one of the most beautiful cities in the world’. Oftentimes, when people talk about a place, they talk about the obvious spots for people to go to e.g. Where people party, etc. Well, I want to share some rare vibes to check-in for:

Clifton Beach

This very beach is one of the beaches in Cape Town that are quite hidden and not everyone’s 1st go to beaches if we are talking public gotos than Muizenberg or Strand beach. Clifton beach has four sides, the fourth side is often many people’s fav, I guess that due to the fun and vibes there but if you looking for intimate and chilled vibes 1st and 2nd is the one especially for the social distancing lovers. One of the most recent events that happened in Clifton created racial tensions, where people of color did a cultural activity at the beach and the white folks weren’t exactly excited about it.


Now yes, Waterfront is the center of the tourist attractions it leads us to the life of parties, arts, and also the famous historical Robben island; which was the place Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years… Cruising around the waterfront thou, it is impossible to not see and experience prints of the colonization that took place in South Africa back in 19’s, and beautifully you will see the reassembles of the different European countries all at once.