Wear it on its own or layered with your favourite pieces!

Now that spring is in full bloom, Wuxly Movement has officially unveiled their newest spring jackets just in time for Earth Month. Labelled, the Greta and Leo Airweights – named after Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio, who are world-renowned inspirational leaders in environmentalist movements – these jackets are a must-have for spring.

Wuxly Movement is a Canadian apparel brand founded on the philosophy that we can be kinder to our planet. Now greener than ever, you can look good and feel good about investing in Wuxly Movement products because they are designed with you and the planet in mind. 

Along with creating pieces that are top quality in performance and style, the brand’s ethical products are the work of Canadian experts, craftspeople, and industry leaders dedicated to excellence and helping the environment. For instance, the Airweight jacket was designed with light materials and a minimalistic design, creating a new category of outerwear that is great on its own or layered with your favourite pieces. It is through this unique combination of innovative, sustainable, and animal-free materials, that Wuxly Movement designs quality outerwear to help and inspire people to #LiveWarm. 

“My Inspiration behind Leo and Greta was to create a piece that embodied the Wuxly way. It’s a concoction of a sleek aesthetic, sustainability, and air-weight functionality. “

– Monika Jacobi, Director of Product

The brand sourced new sustainable materials that are innovative to Wuxly Movement, giving its latest design amazing new features. In utilizing bio-based insulation, as well as both a biodegradable outer shell fabric and interior lining, these jackets are light in weight and environmental impact making them a super sustainable choice. 

To shop Wuxly Movement’s latest launch, make sure to check out the Greta and Leo Airweights here