Sustainable fashion has been a growing movement in the fashion world for a few years now, shifting from a niche modus operandi to a tenet held widely by major designers and fashion houses from Yeezy to Chloé. As evidenced by Kanye’s sustainability goals with Yeezy, ethical fashion is no longer just for chic boutiques but has a place in the world of streetwear. Here are some of our picks for more top streetwear brands to help you stay fresh and stay sustainable.


Ecoalf emerged onto the scene in 2009, conceived as a truly sustainable fashion brand by president and founder Javier Goyeneche. Goyenche aimed to establish a sustainable brand to ensure future generations could build on the foundation of recycling and reducing the careless use of resources to produce the same quality product as one from non-recycled material. Their forward-thinking ethos is matched by the modern style of their products, which gives an effortless casual look pairing warm neutrals and bright technicolor, and sensible utility with understated chic.

Plant Faced Clothing

This London-based brand, like its name suggests, is plant-based and focused. An independently owned brand that makes vegan streetwear, the brand focuses on being cruelty-free and staying true to the values they express through their clothes. For Plant Faced, cruelty-free means no animal cruelty, no forced or child labour and a living wage along their supply line, and materials that aren’t harmful to the earth. Their clothes feature clean and trendy looks, with graphics printed from water-based vegan inks on organic and recycled fabrics, and feature their unique brand of social movement expression through design.

Nudie Jeans

A good pair of jeans is essential to any streetwear wardrobe. So why not go for something made from 100% organic cotton by a brand that knows how to do jeans right? And beyond just their denim know-how, Nudie Jeans has had an environmental and ethical mindset from the beginning. Despite setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic, Nudie Jeans continued to make strides towards sustainability in 2020, earning GOTS certification for their warehouse and head office. The brand also offers a guarantee of free repairs for your jeans to keep your perfect pair lasting longer and out of the landfill.


Afends is a hemp-based brand from Australia that focuses on skate, surf, and punk stylistic influences while reducing its environmental footprint. Using hemp as an alternative to cotton to reduce pesticide use, water use, and increase the amount of fiber produced in a shorter amount of time and a smaller amount of space. Afends considers the material impact, the design, the supply, transportation, and packaging of their products all as part of their sustainability plan. Working towards 100% sustainable fibres and a net-zero carbon footprint, Afends remains committed to longevity and minimal environmental impact.