Fashion brands are breaking down barriers with inclusive, gender-fluid designs that allow shoppers not to feel pressured to choose within the boundaries of women’s or men’s clothing brands. More importantly, the marker for gender-fluid clothing shopping has begun to expand.

Image Credit: @muttonhead on Instagram

The number of Canadians who identify as non-binary, gender-neutral or gender non-conforming is significant. There was a 52 percent increase in searches for the terms ‘genderless’ and ‘gender-neutral’ in 2019. While large corporations are beginning to create gender-fluid lines, there are many Canadian fashion brands you can shop for that are gender-fluid.


Founded in Toronto, Muttonhead offers size-inclusive and is 100 percent gender-neutral for all ages. They organize their website into the style of the garment rather than by gender.  Their designs have a cozy Canadian feel to them, like buffalo plaid.


Children’s clothing is still very much divided into the blue for boys and pink for girls, but Pley has changed the game. A Vancouver-based company has refined and designed its children’s clothing in gender-neutral colours and designs. They have sizes ranging from 3 years old to 12 years old.

Shop Take Care

Winnipeg-based store, Shop Take Care, is the perfect spot if you are looking for buying old instead of new. Offering gender-inclusive shopping on their online store and at their brick and mortar.

House of Dwir

Toronto-based, House of Dwir, is a genderless fashion brand that celebrates individualism, inclusivity, and creativity with an avant-garde spirit. Clothing is one of the most important ways an individual can set themselves apart in a crowd. House of Dwir has created original, inspired fashion for gender fluid people looking for top quality clothing that makes a look of refinement and timeless original style.

Spender Badu

Spencer Badu attended the Fashion Institute at Olds College in Calgary and has been challenging gender norms with his unisex designs since 2015. His pieces masterfully mix what’s considered traditional masculine and feminine cuts to become something entirely non-conforming.

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Published by HOLR Magazine.