Investment pieces to buy this Earth Month from our favourite sustainable brands! 

Earth Day

Photo Credit: Mate

Feel good about where you shop this Earth Month by choosing brands that are ecologically and socially responsible. 

Like most things, not buying from fast fashion brands is easier said than done. 

The items we chose to decorate our bodies tell the world who we are. However, the fashion industry’s inaccessibility leaves little room for us to make ethical choices. 

The ever-climbing prices of the fashion industry push consumers to look for cheaper alternatives that fast fashion brands can provide. And with fast fashion comes a slew of ethical and environmental problems.  

So, although you’re not going to say no to buying your birthday dress on Princess Polly, there are some pieces you can say no to. 

Unlike the viral micro-trends of patchwork jeans and colourful plastic rings, a basic will never go out of style. These are your investment pieces, the pieces you don’t mind splurging on. These are also the pieces you may choose to buy sustainably. 

A Guide to Sustainable Investment Pieces 

Black blazer

Photo Credit: SuperNiceVintage

A Black Blazer 

An easy way to shop sustainably is by shopping vintage. Prolong a garment’s life span and look cool doing it! 

This double-breasted blazer ($72) is from Canadian Etsy seller Super Nice Vintage. 

Mate Hydro and Solar

Photo Credit: Mate

A Matching Joggers Set

Add colour and comfort to your wardrobe with these bright perfect for Spring matching loungewear pieces from Mate.

This Earth Month Mate is going beyond their usual Carbon neutral status with the launch of their Hydro and Solar collection. The collection features tanks, tees, sweatshirts, crewnecks, joggers and shorts in cobalt blue and pastel yellow.

But how can a line be Carbon Negative? 

Mate calculated the average carbon emissions of their products and pledged to purchase equivalent hydro and solar offsets! This means that with each product from the Hydro and Solar collection approximately twice as much carbon will be offset. 

Mate White tee

Photo Credit: Mate

A White T-Shirt 

Mate also has you covered for your basic white tee ($48)! This tee is ultra-soft 100% organic cotton.

Blue jeans

Photo Credit: Boyish

Blue Jeans 

Finally, the Ziggy high-waisted relaxed straight jean is from the eco-friendly brand Boyish!

Boyish is OEKO-TEX certified, has sustainable packaging and uses recycled fabrics and non-toxic dyes. Additionally, Boyish is committed to keeping the amount of water used in production at a minimum.

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