Uche from Season 5 of Love is Blind took to Instagram to release a series of stories addressing the latest season of the show.

Uche from Season 5 of Love is Blind took to Instagram Stories recently to release a series of posts addressing the cast, season, reunion, and narrative of the hit Netflix dating show.  Check out everything Uche had to say below about his experience on the show- and not attending the reunion special- on Instagram.

Uche and Aliyah

When discussing his short-lived relationship with Aaliyah, Uche claimed that he would be discussing what happened soon, although didn’t give an exact timeline. He thinks she is “beautiful” but also that it’s “easier to find an excuse as to why your relationship didn’t work out than to take accountability and address your own fault.s” Looks like we’ll have to wait and see what he means by this statement.

Uche and Miriam

When it comes to Miriam, Uche also explains that he’ll be going into more detail soon but that their interaction had “nothing to do with the color of her skin.” Instead, it allegedly had to do with an exchange that the duo had in the pods and some information he received after.

Uche and Milton

Milton claimed Uche texted him right after his wedding asking him if he wanted to talk. Uche is not reportedly trying to set the record straight by claiming that Milton is “more open with his emotions” off camera. Accoridng to Uche, he and Milton connected a few days before the wedding where Milton reportedly outlined some “serious concerns.” Uche claims that the text was just to congratulate him and had nothing to do with Lydia.

Uche and Lydia

Uche didn’t really address why he sent the same text to Lydia and Aaliyah following the show but he did say that he doesn’t like “to be on bad terms with anyone.”

Uche Love is Blind 

Apparently, Uche will be coming out with more information soon. When it comes to why he thinks no one was on his side as shown on the show, it’s because every time someone is on his side, it’s “edited out.” As Uche mentioned in his IG stories, he thinks “selective editing helps control a narrative.”

What do you think about Uche coming forward with this information following the show’s end and reunion special?

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