Jackie is making headlines after being spotted out and about with contestant Josh even though she was previously engaged to Marshall on Netflix’s Love is Blind.

CAUTION: New Love is Blind Episode Spoilers Below!

Is Jackie with Josh now that she reportedly split with Marshall during the latest episode drop of Netflix’s Love is Blind? HOLR is breaking it down below.

Jackie Love is Blind

Jackie and Marshall got engaged on the latest season of Love is Blind after meeting in the pods, sight unseen. The duo’s journey played out on Netflix and the two ultimately experienced a rather rocky relationship as they navigated their new life together.

In episode 9, Jackie did not show up to her wedding dress fitting with the girls, which the other contestants- and Marshall- found to be very weird in that it didn’t seem like she wanted to see their relationship through. At the end of the episode, Jackie could be seen chatting with another contestant she was dating in the pods, Josh, who brought her flowers. During their conversation, he says that losing her is his “biggest regret” as mentioned here.

Jackie- in a later episode- admits to choosing “wrong,” and wants to give her relationship with Josh a try, which eventually leads to her and Marshall calling it quits, as noted here.

Fans also spotted Jackie and Josh put and about recently, which led them to believe she didn’t make it down the aisle with Marshall even before the latest episodes aired. Check out this viral TikTok of the two below:


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Jackie Love is Blind Reddit

Reddit users have been chatting about the latest developments on Love is Blind. Here is what some people had to say about Jackie and Marshall on the show on this thread.

“I think she needs therapy, not a husband. Idk why she came on this show. Her wishy washy-ness with Marshal is getting so old and he seems to be putting in so much effort and really being mindful of her mental health and family struggles and I just think he deserves better.”

“I liked her at first. I now see she’s crazy and needs intense life long therapy. Marshall didn’t help himself by calling her a project. He seems like a nice guy. His problem is he’s too much of a fixer. He can’t just walk away. He should of pulled a Zack and ended it.”

Other users took to this thread to talk about Jackie and Josh’s relationship. Check out some of the comments below:

“I wonder if the producers/editors cut Jackie and Josh in the pods because there was no story arch. They probably had exactly zero deep conversations (I think Jackie even said this at the party) and their pod dates were just inside jokes and trash talking. Also their sense of humor is more shaderoom than tmz and the average Netflix watcher wouldn’t be able to follow. People already need translations with the little we got 😩”

“This was my impression. We really don’t see Jackie struggle with picking Marshall, it really doesn’t seem like Josh was ever a serious option for her. Their little love triangle felt a lot more manufactured than any of the others. I strongly feel that the jacket scene with Marshall covering up Jackie in front of Josh was heavily edited and taken out of context, and if they cut and pieced scenes together like that to make some drama, I feel like some of the other weird scenes of the three of them might not be entirely genuine as well.”

Apparently, Jackie also recently posted and deleted the following to her Instagram story as mentioned in this thread.

jackie love is blind

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