Love Is Blind’s Chelsea made a comment about looking like Megan Fox while in the pods, dating. HOLR breaks it down.

The first few episodes of Season 6 of Love Is Blind just dropped on Netflix and the internet has a lot to say about a recent comment made by one of the contestants.

Love Is Blind Chelsea Megan Fox

Chelsea Blackwell told Jimmy Presnell- whom she ends up getting engaged to- that she gets compared to “MGK’s wife or girlfriend” in terms of looks, as outlined in this related TikTok clip posted by user @realityashley. “It’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes,” says Chelsea in the clip in regards to being physically compared to Megan Fox.

Love Is Blind Chelsea Megan Fox

“Megan Fox?” says Jimmy, seemingly baffled, in the clip. Since the premise of the show revolves around finding love, sight unseen, contestants have no idea what the person they are talking to looks like.

Love is Blind Chelsea Reddit

Love is Blind Chelsea Reddit

People online had a lot to say about this viral exchange on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit and it caused quite a stir.

For instance, in this Reddit thread, people do see some comparisons to Megan Fox in terms of both them seemingly having a similar forehead and full lips. They also do have the hair and eyes contrast as Chelsea noted. However, some users are referring to Chelsea as an “off-brand” Megan Fox as they are not identical- Chelsea has a slightly larger face.

Does Love Is Blind Chelsea Look Like Megan Fox Controversy

Allegedly, other users think Chelsea just dropped this comment to lead Jimmy to think she was “hot.” Some users think Jimmy picked her just because of this comment but that remains unconfirmed.

Jimmy and Chelsea Love is Blind

Jimmy allegedly didn’t see the resemblance between the two when they first met following their interaction in the pods, allegedly claiming that Chelsea “lied” to him.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see how their journey unfolds.

What are your thoughts on this viral comment?

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