The internet was shocked with the news of Chris Brown throwing a phone away from the stage in Berlin! HOLR investigates why that happened.

No Filming On Stage?

As reported by TMZ, on Wednesday night Chris Brown threw a fan’s phone away after inviting the lucky fan for a complimentary lap dance. Chris Brown did not have a problem dancing with her, but he did draw the line when she proceeded to film the dance.

The video of the entire moment, which happened during Chris Brown’s “Under The Influence” Tour, is going viral on Tiktok. Even after the phone was snatched away from her, the fan could be seen still trying to film herself. Chris Brown was not the first celebrity to chuck a phone at a crowd, as Bad Bunny also did the same a while ago when he was annoyed by a fan shoving a phone into his face without asking first.

Chris Brown sang on stage

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Other Fans’ Reactions

Although it seems that the woman whose phone was thrown away did get her phone back in the end, Chris Brown’s fans are divided over whether to condemn or condone his action. One fan said that Chris Brown has the right to do whatever he wants because “it is his concert”, while others disapproved of what he did because “he could hurt someone by throwing the phone.”

Yet another fan said that the woman who tried to film the lap dance was not in the wrong because “she literally paid for the ticket to see his show.”

Chris Brown Controversies

This divisive news of Chris Brown throwing a fan’s phone into the crowd is far from the only time he got into the spotlight for the wrong reason. Recently, the internet was in a frenzy when Chloe Bailey announced she is working with Chris Brown on her latest single, “How Does It Feel”.

Bailey’s fans were disappointed that she chose to collaborate with a “known abuser”. The comment about Chris Brown being abusive toward women is nothing new, as in 2009 he made headlines all over the globe for allegedly assaulting Rihanna. In March 2011, he surprised the world again when he smashed windows during his appearance on Good Morning America. 

Chris Brown and Rihanna

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