Devin Booker unfollowed ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner on Instagram after rumours of a romance between her and Bad Bunny popped up last week…

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Looks like the model’s rumoured relationship with Bad Bunny is to blame for Devin Booker’s decision to stop following his ex Kendall Jenner on Instagram. According to reports, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny have recently started dating and are rumoured to have gone on some romantic dates.

Fans Reaction

Kardashian fans caught wind of the NBA star’s audacious move on social media and joined a discussion about the alleged social media slur on Reddit this week. The original poster wrote, “Guess the ‘we still friends’ act was good as long as none of them started seeing someone new too publicly,” after pointing out the athlete’s reaction to his ex-new girlfriend’s relationship.

A number of responses followed the message, one of which read: “Well he’s all the way in his feelings.” Another suggested, “This is super lame of him when he has been linked to like three girls post Kendall. I’m happy she is dating outside athletes, they are all the same.”

Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny Leaving Same Restaurant Amid Dating Rumors

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The NBA player also unfollowed Hailey Bieber, the TV star’s BFF who has been said to be gone on numerous double dates with Kendall and Bad Bunny with her husband Justin.

Kendall Seems ‘Unaffected’

The fact that Kendall has continued to post thirst traps on her Instagram Stories since then suggests that she is unaffected by her ex-boyfriend’s reaction. The Reality star posed for a black-and-white photograph in one of the images while wearing a body-hugging outfit and letting her dark hair fall to one side.

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Another one showed her relaxing on the beach while wearing a stunning string bikini. Using a crying face emoji, she wrote: “Take me to the beach” above the picture. In another recollection, she was swimming in the pristine blue water while wearing a sensual two-piece, exposing her naked behind. The last photo showed Kendall on a horse in the dunes, with a stunning view of the setting sun.

Dating Rumour

Although Bad Bunny’s followers went crazy over the rumours, it was confirmed last week that Kendall and Bad Bunny were seen making out in a dimly lit private members’ club. “This single, famous model sister was seen playing tonsil hockey with Bad Bunny at a private LA club,” gossip blog Deuxmoi joked.

Kendall Jenner & Bad Bunny Spotted Out With Justin & Hailey Bieber - E! Online

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“I have witnesses on the scene who saw Kendall leave the Bird Streets Club,” the host spilled on the Deux U podcast. “She left the club and got into her car to leave. Two minutes later they pulled Bad Bunny’s car around,” the source added.

Despite allegations that they are in an open relationship, Bad Bunny dated Gabriela Berlingeri for six years before the two are thought to have broken up in January of this year. All the same, it was reported that Kendall and Devin remained amicable after calling it quits after two years of dating.

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