Chloe Bailey released her new song with Chris Brown despite the criticism, she did it alongside a brand-new music video that has amassed many thousands of views.

Chlöe & Chris Brown Get Close In “How Does It Feel” Video - Okayplayer

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Chloe Bailey and Chris Brown’s controversial collaboration is out, along with a steamy music video in which the vocalist of Chloe x Halle melts the screen in a variety of seductive ensembles.

The song “How Does it Feel” by Chloe and Chris was released on Friday after receiving massive backlash over the song featuring Chris Brown, and in less than 12 hours, the music video has already received close to 350,000 views, according to TMZ.

Check out the video below to see their incredible choreography and chemistry:

The music video, which was directed by Arrad, features Chloe and Chris singing a ballad while locked up in a penthouse.

Chlöe is also seen wearing a variety of costumes, each of which reveals more shin than the one before it. Her smooth yet powerful voice in the R&B song may have already established her as a sex symbol, but the video made a strong case for her as a new fashion icon.

The song amplifies the R&B feelings by replicating Dionne Warwick’s 1973 jam “You’re Gonna Need Me,” which was made famous by Usher’s 2004 classic single “Throwback.”

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On February 16, Chlöe shared a selfie of herself and Chris, 33, on her social media pages, announcing the song. Following that, some supporters argued against continuing to support Chris Brown in light of his past misbehaviour.

Chris also confirmed the song’s release on Instagram. “@chloebailey you are a beautiful soul… TAKE OVER THE WORLD SHAWTY and DON’T LOOK BACK! YOU ARE A QUEEN! DON’T LET NOBODY TELL YOU NO DIFFERENT! You followed your dreams and now the universe is fulfilling that manifestation,” he wrote on Feb. 22. “Can’t wait for the world to hear the magic we created,” Chlöe replied.

Brown defended his reputation by taking aim at Kiely Williams, Blueface, and a long list of other white celebrities who have been detained for domestic violence but still have support from their fans.

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Chris vented his annoyance on his Instagram Story on February 17. In reference to the February 2009 incident in which he physically beat Rihanna to the point that she needed to be hospitalised, he tweeted, “If y’all still hate me over a mistake I did as a 17-year-old, please kiss my whole entire a**” Chris was accused of felony assault and threatening behaviour. Later, he avoided prison sentence by entering a guilty plea to a felony in court.

Chris then asked, “Where is the cancel culture with these white artists that date underage women, BEAT THE F*** OUT OF THEIR WIVES,” and other things while posting 15 screenshots on his Instagram Stories that appeared to be taken from a Ranker article titled “Celebrities Who Have Been Charged With Domestic Abuse”.

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