Christian Keyes Tyler Perry Rumor Explained

Actor Christian Keyes has posted a video detailing that he was sexually abused in the past at the hands of a very powerful man in Hollywood. People online are speculating that the person in question is Tyler Perry but there is zero proof that this is the case and Christian Keyes never reveals the identity of the person in the video. It is important not to spread unsubstantiated rumors as they can cause unjust harm to a person’s reputation as well as pose a danger to their family life. It seems that people are just connecting Christian Keyes and Tyler Perry because Christian has previously starred in Tyler Perry’s Madea movies. It also appears that since this video was posted Christian Keyes clears Tyler Perry’s name in another video.

Robert Smith Christian Keyes

Another name that people were speculating on was Robert Smith Billionaire. Robert F. Smith is a billionaire businessman and investor known for his success in the technology and private equity sectors. He gained significant attention for being the founder, chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm specializing in software, data, and technology-driven companies.

Smith became widely recognized for his philanthropic efforts and made headlines for his remarkable act during the 2019 Morehouse College commencement ceremony. During the event, he pledged to pay off the student loans of the entire graduating class, which amounted to millions of dollars. Again there is absolutely zero evidence that Robert Smith has anything to do with Christian Keyes and it is pure speculation by people online because Christian Keyes mentioned that it was a prominent black male who is known for his philanthropic efforts.

Christian Keyes Video

While the identity of the person Christian Keyes is accusing of sexually assaulting him has not been revealed. Christian does say that at some point the identity of the person will have to come out. Christian also shows a pen that acts as a recording device in the video and he states that he has carried a recording device like this on him since 2005.

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