In this day and age stress seems to be a plague that effects us all at one point or another. We are faced with situations in our lives, whether work, relationship, or personal struggle, that triggers this biological reaction. This fight-or-flight response is called to action when we feel overwhelmed or threatened. Many people meditate, do yoga, and practice deep breathing, which are all amazing methods, but for me, there are times I need to take my pent up emotions and ‘blow off some steam’ as some might say. Here are 3 alternative activities you should try to release stress in a safe space.

#1. Get your sweat on at Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is exhilarating and their trainers are top-notch professionals who know how to push you physically while keeping you mentally motivated.

The workout is scientifically designed with interval and strength training combinations to enhance efficiency, mixing in the magic of the atmosphere to recharge your energy and push you harder, stronger, faster, and better.

#2. Knife & Axe Throwing / Archery at STRYKE

This takes refocusing and redirecting your energy to your target. You become focused on achieving that bullseye rather than on your day-to-day stresses. Oh, and it’s also a lot of fun!

#3. Boxing & Kickboxing at Paul Brown BoxFit 

Sometimes I just love punching things–but Boxing and Kickboxing is more than just punching and kicking; it’s pacing your breath, learning combinations, and mentally being in the moment ready to attack a target or defend against an opponent. These activities force you out of your head and into the ring. It’s also an amazing workout that promises to make you sweat, and really, what’s more rewarding than that full body sweat?

Peep Prime Minister Justin Trudeau getting in his workout with Paul Brown!

#4. Rage Room at Battle Sports

A desire to destroy something when you’re frustrated comes from instinct, coined a redirected attack. At Rage Room, in a safe space, they let you do just that–destroy things. Whether smashing recycled plates, appliances, laptops, or whatnot, you get to take a bat to the item and completely obliterate it.