Is Christine Quinn Seeking Full Custody Amid Divorce?

Selling Sunset‘s Christine Quinn is seeking full custody of her son amid her ongoing divorce from Christian Richard. Court documents reveal Christine Quinn’s concerns about Richard’s behavior jeopardizing their son’s safety. Quinn’s request for sole legal and physical custody reflects her worries about Richard’s actions and their impact on their child’s well-being.

The documents, obtained by Us Weekly, detail Christine Quinn’s plea for exclusive custody, citing Richard’s actions as putting their son’s health and safety at risk. Quinn also objects to any visitation rights for Richard, alleging that he has denied her access to essential household resources like Wi-Fi, gate access, and air conditioning.

Christine Quinn Husband

Quinn further claims in the court papers that Richard has allegedly engaged in acts of child abuse and endangerment during their marriage, resulting in physical harm to their son. Additionally, she accuses Richard of domestic violence against her, contributing to the turbulent nature of their relationship.

The public revelation of Quinn and Richard’s marital troubles occurred after Richard’s arrest on March 20 for assault with a deadly weapon following an alleged domestic incident. A temporary restraining order was issued after the incident, but Richard violated it by returning to their residence, leading to his subsequent custody.

Christine Quinn Divorce

Richard filed for divorce on April 5, citing irreconcilable differences and seeking full custody of their son with visitation rights for Quinn. Sources close to Quinn indicated her intentions to leave the marriage earlier, citing feelings of being controlled and the toxicity of their relationship.

Christine Quinn’s pursuit of full custody underscores her concerns about Christian Richard’s behavior and its impact on their child, highlighting a tumultuous chapter in their relationship. The legal battle and personal challenges faced by Quinn and Richard reflect broader issues of domestic conflict and the complexities of custody disputes. It underscores the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of children amidst parental separation and conflict.

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