Looking for some cheesy, hearty, feel-good Christmas movies this season? We’ve put together a list of movies currently on Netflix you should probably watch over the holidays — so get your blankets, Christmas sweaters on, hot chocolate, and enjoy a movie marathon with some of the best Holiday movies!

The Holiday

The Holiday is a classic, cheesy, feel-good, holiday movie that gives you all the feels. Starring the lovable Jude Law (drooling), Cameron Diaz (everyone’s Angel, insert heart-eye emoji with angel hallo), Jack Black (a surprising but absolutely amazing casting choice), and Kate Winslet (…ROSE, THERE WAS ENOUGH ROOM ON THAT WOODEN MAKESHIFT RAFT… yes… I’m still bitter, but this movie may make up for it). The movie is centred around two down-in-the-dumps ladies who are in need of a much deserved break from their daily lives. Amanda, a work-obsessed Hollywood trailer maker who is emotionally unavailable, discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her with his secretary. Across the pond, delicate English journalist Iris is head-over-heels in love with a coworker who has played with her heart over and over again and has just announced he is getting married to one of their colleagues. The two ladies find themselves on a home-exchange vacation site and agree to switch houses for the holidays: Iris to Amanda’s California mansion and Amanda to Iris’s quaint country home in England.

Love Actually

Love Actually tells the story of relationships and the complexities of love through nine interwoven stories. Starring devilishly handsome Hugh Grant, the ever-so-lovely Kiera Knightly, the hilarious and loveable Colin Firth, and so many more, this star studded cast will have you laughing and crying from one scene to the next. From unrequited love, to cheating scandals, to the love between best friends and family members, to love lost and love found, this movie is the perfect holiday classic.

The Princess Switch

            Vanessa Hudgens stars as the two lead ladies in this Romantic Comedy. Stacy DeNovo (Vanessa #1) is a baker who runs a pastry shop in Chicago with her best friend Kevin Richards. Kevin is a single dad to lovely Olivia. Kevin enters their bakery in a prestigious pastry competition in the Kingdom of Belgravia and after some persuading and Stacy running into her already-over-her ex, she agrees go and compete! Lady Margaret Delacourt (Vanessa #2), aka Duchess of Montenegro and future bride of Edward, the kingdom of Belravia’s Crown Prince, bumps into Stacy at the baking competition’s set-up day. They realize they are perfectly identical and at the future princess’s request, the two ladies exchange roles for a couple of days before the wedding and the competition.

Christmas Wedding Planner

Kelsey Wilson, a new wedding planner is in the midst of planning her cousin’s lavish and exclusive wedding – her first big break! INSERT DRAMA: a devilishly oh-so-handsome private investigator turns up to investigate her cousin’s future husband and turns her world upside down. Hired by a secret source, Connor McClane AKA her cousin’s EX-BOYFRIEND investigates, enlisting Kelsey to help him, and quickly disrupts the upcoming nuptials. The real (and I guess obvious) question is will he win Kelsey’s heart in the process? 

A Christmas Prince

An aspiring young magazine journalist, Amber Moore, gets an opportunity that she hopes could be her big break and is sent to the foreign nation of Aldovia to cover a press conference with the crown, Rrince Richard. Prince Richard is an alleged irresponsible playboy and is set to take the throne following the recent death of his father, the King. However, it is rumored he is planning to abdicate. Amber heads to the press conference but Richard fails to appear, frustrating the assembled journalists. Amber not wanting to give up her big break opts to do some snooping around the palace and is mistaken for young Princess Emily’s new tutor. Amber snatches up the opportunity to go undercover to investigate.

Once Upon a Holiday

Once upon a time the adored princess of Montsaurai, Katie Hollingston, visited NYC with her bodyguards and her aunt Margaret. Her aunt has planned back-to-back speeches, meetings, and royal appearances at seasonal events. Katie, who is a talented photographer, has one request: to visit a famous art gallery that her now deceased mother use to take her to as a child – one of her cherished holiday memories. When her aunt refuses Katie ditches her bodyguards and her royal responsibilities. CUE Jack Langley: the normal, handsome, down-to-earth gentleman.

Christmas Inheritance

City girl Ellen Langford must prove she can be responsible before inheriting her dad’s business by delivering a special Christmas card to her dad’s former business partner in Snow Falls, his quaint hometown. Her dad gives her only $100 to complete her mission when a snowstorm stands her in the small town. She’s forced to work for her keep and is befriended by Jake, the man who runs the Inn, and his Aunt Debbie, who runs the local diner. Zeke, the man she must hand deliver the letters to, is nowhere to be found when Ellen’s boyfriend (oooohhhh drama) shows up to convince her to come back to the city as they are leaving for Hawaii in a few days.

Happy Snuggle Season!

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