Coachella Squatters are stirring up controversy online after alleged claims were made.

HOLR breaks down the story and alleged details.

Coachella Squatters

According to this TikTok video posted by user @caseyelizabethyt, a girl named Ashley claimed that TikTokers squatted at her house during Coachella. The video has since gone viral, and it is alleged that Ashley is a traveling nurse who happens to be in Coachella during the festival.


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As the TikToker goes on to explain, Ashley reportedly thought the guys were stopping by to “pregame” but noticed them bringing stuff into her house. She shares the house with her roommate. Allegedly, one of the guys is her roommate’s boyfriend.

In the viral video with over 246K views, Ashley (here) dives into how these TikTokers allegedly squatted at her house in Palm Springs during Coachella this past weekend.



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What is Squatting?

According to this article, squatting is referred to as “individuals who take up residence in a property without the owner’s permission.”

As TikToker @caseyelizabethyt details, all of the guys are friends, and from what it sounds like two of the guys bought tickets to Coachella last minute and had no place to stay, allegedly. It is being reported that it seemed like they were invited to stay, according to a follow-up video made by Ryan (@rymanick), below.


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In the clip, Ryan addresses the squatting claims and allegedly admits to getting a “fee” for having too many people in the house- but that he did pay it. “I paid them for all the stuff they asked for,” claims Ryan. However, this proof has not been shown. Ryan also claims that they felt “welcomed there” the whole time.

Apparently, Ashley’s roommate’s boyfriend and one of his friends were reportedly supposed to be there, but the others were not. At one point, Ryan and Grant- one of the other guys-  came back from Coachella around 3 am one morning and woke up a panicked Ashley early. Ashley alleged that they weren’t supposed to stay there but they ended up sleeping over so she didn’t understand what was happening.

It seems as though there has been a big miscommunication with multiple people involved in this instance based on TikToker @caseyelizabethyt’s explanation of what she thinks went down. It is possible that Ashey’s roommate’s boyfriend invited his friends over without actually telling the girls, but nothing has been confirmed.

When the guys start bringing their stuff in this is seemingly what causes confusion. As well, it is important to note that the girls do not own this house and cameras have reportedly captured the guys jumping over the fence. It’s important to note that Ryan and Grant flew back home after Coachella and didn’t think anything was wrong until they saw Ashley’s viral video circulating online.

This entire situation has the internet picking sides because of the lack of communication among all parties involved. There is no concrete evidence to support claims that squatting was taking place but who do you think is seemingly in the wrong and what do you think about this viral situation?

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