After it was announced that Frank Ocean would be performing at Coachella after a 6-year hiatus, fans went wild! HOLR is spilling the details of his Coachella appearance. 

The singer made a highly-anticipated appearance at Coachella this past weekend. Fans were super excited to see Frank Ocean perform live after a 6-year long hiatus.

When was the last time Frank Ocean performed?

As mentioned here, Ocean hasn’t performed live since “2017 and hasn’t released any new music since 2020.” Fans were so excited to see him headlining Coachella this year, as referenced in this TikTok video which claimed how fans were fighting one another to get a chance to see him perform live.


Coachella is a mess…

♬ original sound – Danny

As the above TikTok claims, festival goers reportedly raced towards the stage when the gates opened that morning, even though Ocean would not be performing for another 10 hours. One girl was even reportedly camping out the night before to hear the singer-songwriter perform.

Frank Ocean Coachella Performance

After an hour-long delay- as noted here– Ocean finally took the Coachella stage. Fans were disappointed to hear that Ocean’s set would not be live-streamed on the Coachella YouTube channel as noted here.

Although fans were excited to see Ocean perform, the show ended in somewhat of a disappointment. He had reportedly hit a curfew as mentioned here, and had to end right then and there after leaving the stage- leaving fans with somewhat of a sour taste in their mouth due to the abrupt ending. However, others enjoyed the concert and Ocean’s tracklist. From his Novacane entrance to his rendition of White Ferrari. Ocean reportedly kept fans on their toes with some interesting remixes, as well. Ocean seemed to have excited fans everywhere who hyped up his appearance, but the general consensus was summed up in one TikTok (stated here) – it was “Mid.”

Frank Ocean Coachella Reddit

Reddit users also took to the platform in this thread to share their disappointment surrounding Ocean’s Coachella set.

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