Dr. Martens and Hello Kitty are two household names that are joining together to collaborate on a collection of Doc Marten shoes. Doc Marten or Dr. Martens has been around since 1947 when Dr. Martens himself hurt his ankle and realized that his military boots were not supportive enough, so he took leather and old tires and created the most classic boots around. 

Hello Kitty hasn’t been around for that long but was created in 1974, which to some fans is still a very long time. Hello Kitty is known around the world as a white bobtail cat, with a pink bow and no mouth and was created by Japanese artist Yuko Shimizu. 

Both brands coming together isn’t out of the ordinary. Hello Kitty has collaborated with hundreds of brands like Puma, Fender, Airbus and even came out with a Louis Vuitton Hello Kitty Mini car. Brands love to collaborate with Hello Kitty because it has become a cultural icon for children and now even adults who have grown up with it. 

For Doc Martens, they are also known for many collaborations, like those mostly of other clothing brands, or artists, like Keith Haring, Raf Simmons, Bathing Ape, and now Hello Kitty. Doc’s are known for their classic shoes, but they have also been known to make some of the wackiest, and coolest designs for their shoes as well, from changing colours to adding spikes, buckles, and patterns. 

This collection comes as no surprise as they have collaborated for the 50th anniversary and now this will commemorate their 60th anniversary. With this collaboration, you can expect the classic Doc’s from 1460 to socks and pins, with designs from the Hello Kitty and Friends collection like Bad Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi, and My Melody. You can expect everything you know about the two brands, the leather boots, with the classic yellow stitching, but also the joining of the two. Straps with bows, heart-shaped eyelets, graphics of Hello Kitty and Friends, and lots and lots of love hearts.