Collagen is a protein that is fundamental part of our bodies. It is found in skin, bones tendons, cartilage, and connective tissue. While we all have collagen, as we age our collagen levels begin to deplete, which contributes to the aging process. Once you turn 25, your body is using more collagen than it can produce so it can be beneficial to take a collagen supplement. Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston take collagen and here are the four benefits that I’ve discovered since taking it.

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collagen powder benefits

Collagen for Skin

Collagen powder is good for you for a multitude of reasons, but it’s particularly beneficial for the skin. Studies have shown that taking 2 grams of collagen over an 8-week period can increase skin elasticity. Collagen also helps to slow the effects of aging by giving your skin structure, which prevents sagging and loosening skin. So if you’re trying to achieve more plump skin, this may be a great addition to your routine. Since adding the Age Quencher 6-in-1 REJUVENATE Collagen Protein powder to my morning smoothie, my skins appearance has improved. My skin looks and feels smoother, firmer and has more of a glow to it.

Collagen for Hair

As someone who is on a perpetual quest to grow longer, thicker hair, I’ve become obsessed with drinking collagen. My hair is growing a lot quicker and the baby hair’s are coming in full force. I’m all about efficiency so the 6-in-1 collagen protein powder has worked best for me as it’s also combined with Silica, Vitamin C and Probiotics. Collagen is a natural antioxidant that builds keratin and regenerates the hair follicle to promote hair growth. It took me 4 weeks of daily use to start seeing results.

collagen powder for hair

Collagen for Joints

Collagen supplements help to increase mobility in the joints. Increased mobility helps with work outs and recovery. Taking a collagen powder daily pre- or post-workout can help to maximize the benefits of your workout. Studies have shown that taking 10 grams of collagen for two months helps to reduce pain in patients with osteoarthritis. While there are different types of collagen powders available, Marine collagen peptides are the most bioavailable. Marine collagen is the quickest and most easily absorbed by the body.

While there may be an array of collagen benefits, speak with your healthcare provider before taking them.