Everyone knows that it’s not just a bag, it’s a Birkin. The Hermes Birkin Bag is one of the most expensive and exclusive handbags on the planet, and now with NFT’s, it has become even harder to get your hands on. 

Although the meta Birkin is a very clever idea for the brand, Hermes is not the original creator of the NFT. Mason Rothchild is the artist behind the meta Birkin NFT and has already grown to high popularity for the NFT, as Hermes has come to find out this information, they have created a legal case stating that the use of their Birkin bag is illegal. 

The case has been going on for the last few days and Hermes has officially sent a cease and desist, which means Mason Rothchild needs to stop his business as it is considered an illegal activity. 

Rothchild has created the NFT and released them during Miami’s Art Basel which has designs of the famous Birkin bags covered in fur and one-of-a-kind colours. The meta Birkin comes after his success with his Baby Birkin NFT.

Rothschild has argued against the cease and desist action stating, “These images, and the NFTs that authenticate them, are not handbags; they carry nothing but meaning. Hermès asks this Court to suppress Rothschild’s art and to restrain his protected speech in the service of protecting Hermès’ commercial interest in its trademarks.”

He also goes on to explain the reason behind the design of the specific faux fur looking for his NFT, stating that the reason he has created the Birkin’s with fur is to go against the brand and fight for the rights of animals cruelty. Hermes is one of the only luxury brands that are still not fur-free and still uses exotic aminal skins to make these exclusive bags. 

Rothschild has explained himself on his Instagram stating that as an artist he has the right to create art as he sees it, and explains his stance against the brand for not being cruelty-free. He goes on to explain the importance of freedom in the art world and states, “There is a moving tide of innovation and evolution, and it is your role as a fashion powerhouse to amplify young creatives and artists rather than stomp them out. Your actions can help determine the future of art in the Metaverse.” 

The metaverse has become a place where everyone wants to be a part, including luxury brands, celebrities and influencers, with NFT’s being one of the most popular consumer-based products on the market, everyone is trying to get their hands on them, but only a few come out lucky enough to. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine