Who thought being a Barbie girl could pay off so much, it’s not from your collectibles as a kid, it’s about the new NFT’s put up for auction. 

Barbie has come back in style, first by collaborating with KITH and now collaborating with high-end luxury brand Balmain. The new collection is everything a barbie girl dreamed of as a kid, dressing up Barbies and always winding if you could own the same clothes her and Ken wore is officially on the market. 

The brand collaboration comes with of course everything under the sun in the classic Barbie pink, from pink bags to pink denim, earrings, jewellery and much more, all with the aesthetic of barbie, but with the Balmain logo. 

This collection launch is also a way for the big Mattel brand to get into the NFT game. NFT’s have become no joke and are some of the sought-after pieces in the digital and physical world. 

An NFT or Non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a blockchain and can be traded and sold with many already having price tags in the hundreds of thousands. 

With other big fashion brands like Gucci entering the NFT blockchain, it makes sense that Barbie’s collaboration with Balmain is their ticket into this metaverse. The only difference is Barbie x Balmain has 3 unique avatars up for sale while Gucci has a limit of 500. 

For fashion brands and a brand like Barbie that has an expensive price tag but also always appreciates value, it is safe to say that Mattel made a good call by only creating 3 NFT’s. The more exclusive the NFT the more value it holds and more money (the brand) and the potential owner is going to make. 

Although many people have collected Barbies for generations and have kept them in boxes in their rooms, this is a chance for the adult collectors to make a big splash and try and get their hands on something as amazing as the Barbie x Balmain NFT. 

Article posted by HOLR Magazine

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