“Is it Our Place to speak up? Is it Our Place to change things for the better? How can this Place be Ours if we don’t work to create a more inclusive, just world?”

Modern and functional with a beautiful neutral color palette, the cookware and tableware from Our Place is ethically made, sustainable, non-toxic, and the brand’s mission goes far beyond the kitchen. 

The Los Angeles based founding team of Our Place, which includes activist, entrepreneur, and Malala Fund co-founder Shiza Shahid, set out to create a brand that highlights the fact that the modern American kitchen is a complex tapestry of ethnicities and cultures. 

Putting the focus on the family and neighbourly connections that are made over healthy, home-cooked meals, Our Place crafts elegant ceramic products, supports important causes and participates in meaningful programs. 

Our Place’s signature product, the Always Pan, is a thoughtfully designed multi-functional product that eliminates the need for up to 8 different cookware items. This piece of cookware acts as a fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, and even a spoon rest, all at once. The trail blazing product is made without the harmful chemicals usually found in stove-top cookware and is environmentally friendly in both production and use.  

Other staple products include hand-blown glasses and hand painted stackable bowls and dinner plates. These can be bought in various bundles with the Always Pan, such as the Dinner for 4, Tabletop, or Basics bundles all available in the various neutral color tones that characterise the products. 

Beyond the products, and just as impressive, is Our Place’s commitment to change-making causes and community based partnerships. With each collection the brand seeks to partner with programs or organizations that align with their values and promote systems-based change in their communities. Recently they have partnered with Feeding America to donate 200 000 meals during COVID-19 and with the Los Angeles Food and Policy Council’s Healthy Neighbourhood Market Program to bring healthy and well-sourced food to South LA. 

You can learn more about the brand by visiting their extensive FAQ page which demonstrates that transparency is a top priority to the ethical approach of this brand.