A cast iron pan is a necessity for cooking lovers, and now, there’s a new boss in town called the “Always Pan” for a limited-time only to escalate your cooking skills.

The cast iron “Always Pan” is a no-brainer when it comes to the next step in your home-cooking journey. This unique piece of cookware is an heirloom-quality enamelled cast iron that will last you a long time helping you produce tasty food. Not is it only an excellent product, but it is perfect for the aesthetic lovers out there as well. This is because of “Our Place” and its trademark versatility.

Its high demand meant that the pan was sold out in less than 20 minutes during a limited early April drop. It is once again officially launching on June 7, 2022, on pre-order.

What’s so special about the “Always Pan” anyway? Let’s find out!

The Always Pan cast iron.

The Always Pan

  • Durable black matte enamelled cast iron 
  • Deep enough to boil, shallow enough to saute
  • Included Hot Grips for easy handling
  • Just the right weight for even heat distribution 
  • Compatible with all stovetops (induction, too!)
  • It browns, bakes, and sears. It’s also easy to use and truly up for any task
  • Can withstand higher temps and is oven-safe

Unique qualities

From effortless stovetop searing to low-and-slow roasts, the cast iron “Always Pan” has it covered. It includes:

  • A modular, oven-safe glass lid to trap and release steam
  • Handy silicone Hot Grips for safe handling
  • A built-in spatula and spoon rest

Additionally, It’s oven and broiler-safe, without the need for seasoning that traditional raw cast iron requires.

Why the Always Pan cast iron?

The numerous qualities of the “Always Pan” don’t stop there. It’s time to talk about why you should always go for this particular cast iron.

  • It’s a perfect replacement for your fry pan, skillet, saute pan, braiser, griddle, roaster, baking dish, spatula, spoon rest, and the list goes on.
  • You can do the following with the “Always Pan:” grill, sear, braise, fry, saute, roast, bake, broil, stew, serve, and much more.
  • The first ever 8-in-1 cast iron replaces the original nonstick pan by “Our Place”
  • The premium black matte enamelled cast iron interior of the cast iron is meant for superior browning.The Always Pan cast iron in the oven.

The aesthetic

People have the tendency to focus on the beauty of the inside of their house. Everything is a specific colour with a design to match the palette. In other words, there is a particular theme for houses, whether it’s curtains, furniture, or flooring. What about the kitchen and the appearance of what you use in there?

Luckily, the “Always Pan” comes in different colours to cater to your taste and/or the theme of your house. It comes in the following colours: pink, cream, charcoal, green, a mix of grey and blue, and purple.

The price

The “Always Pan” is also priced conveniently for what it delivers.

  • US: $155
  • CA: C$210
  • UK: £135

You can find additional information on the “Always Pan” here.

Published by: HOLR Magazine.