With pop-ups costing 80% less than opening a traditional retail store, it’s sensible why they are periodically trending. While digital shopping has taken centre stage because of its convenience and economic benefits, that physical connection between the merchant, customer and goods is needed every now and then so to foster long-lasting relationships & meaningful experiences. Here are spectacular ones that you can consider visiting:

Prada Outdoor 

New York City is in for an adventure! The globally known luxurious fashion brand (Prada) has placed a unique pop-up at Broadway. It is a constituent of sporty items one would require when embarking on a mountain camp, all of this while soaking in the beautiful aesthetical scenery that depicts nature in its vivid form. 

Worry not if this kind of landscape doesn’t tickle your fancy, other versions like – the garden and the coast are there as alternatives. An added advantage to those is that they are located in multiple areas such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore & China; so residents of said places can bask in what resembles a beach and a plants plot when shopping for their clothes from their favourite brand. 

Dioriviera Rosewood Miramar

First of its kind – what is otherwise known as a producer of vibrant fashion is raising the bar with its latest collection that will leave you astounded at the Miramar Beach Coast. `Your wardrobe is bound to be elevated by their sizzling items ranging from the Dior tote bag to the Dior Club VIU visor. It has also been revealed that this awesome experience will expand throughout 11 other pop-up locations, offering a larger audience across the world a chance at experiencing a wonderful sensation whose aim is to transcend fashion. 

Colour Factory in SOHO

This is an incredibly thought-out design that allows people to have memorable leisure. Contrary to your popular and ordinary studios, this is an environment where artists come together to create magnificent concepts, it is also unique in that it has built-in cameras all over the place to capture your beauteous moments and creations. It usually occurs on a regular basis, on Thursdays to Tuesdays from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM. 

The outdoor Cinema at Summer by the River 

Have you ever had an experience that combines both sightseeing and watching movies? Well, this is exactly the kind of fun you can find in London which screens recently released movies during the whole of September. The most exciting part? It is all free so no booking is required. 

Dolce & Gabbana Hamptons

You are obviously familiar with Dolce & Gabbana, but this is a different spin! Their mission being to tell stories through historical symbols, this widely acclaimed brand has been on a quest of dispatching their opulent mobile store across the world. Everyone from Men, Women to Children are catered for. The experience is set to provide Italian-like hospitality filled with a myriad of activities. So if you are highly fascinated by both history and art, you would certainly have a haven & informative encounter. 

Published by HOLR Magazine